A Passion for Healing, A Heart for People and A Love of Christ

Life is not easy. Often we find ourselves lost, without direction, fearful, the past following us, the present confusing, us and the future uncertain. We want to make change but don’t know how.

Restoration Counseling Center provides therapeutic healing for those experiencing brokenness in relationships to self, others and God. We realize many things in life hinder our abilities to maintain healthy relationships. Our therapists are prepared to assist and equip those who are experiencing difficulties managing these relationships in order to heal and build more enduring and healthy ones. In addition, they help people develop skills, wisdom and insight necessary for lasting change.

Restoration therapists  are equipped to help navigate the difficulties of life whether it be relational struggles, a major adjustment, tragedy or an ongoing psychological battle. Our counselors meet each person where they are with grace, compassion and understanding.

Clients can expect professional clinical counseling services to individuals, families, and couples in Middle Tennessee. Restoration Counseling Center is founded with a vision of providing healing, grace and high professionalism to those experiencing brokenness in relationship to self, others and God.

We believe healing through therapy requires safe place with skilled professionals. Those seeking help will find warmth, acceptance and wisdom. We know change is not easy, it is challenging and often painful. But change brings opportunities for more authentic relationships and freedom.  

Pivotal to our practice is our love for Christ and for each other, for more information see Restoration Counseling Center's Core ValuesMission Statement, What is Counseling and FAQ