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Sex Therapy


In the midst of a highly sexualized world, achieving healthy sexuality and intimacy in marriage can be difficult. What God has ordained as good, and fun, has become something of shame, fear and inadequacy. More often people find themselves lost sexually and frustrated by the lack ofintimacy in their marriage because of it. In some cases the trauma of the past often createspainful and fearful experiences inthe present, leaving a person thinking healthy intimacy is beyond their reach.

Mental, physical and medical issues can also hindersexual intimacy.Therapist at Restoration Counseling Center are prepared to treat a variety of sexual concerns people face. Angela Landry is certified through the American Board of Christian Sex Therapist and Mary Margaret Johnson is working towards her certification. Each have been trained through The Institute for Sexual Wholeness in Atlanta.

Here is a common list of sexual disorders:

Desire Disorders (i.e lack of interest)
Pain Disorders
Sexual Arousal Disorders
Sexual Identity Concerns
Orgasmic Disorders
Sexual Compulsion or Addiction
Trauma Therapy/Sexual healing