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Marriage Therapy

While marriage is certainly designed to be the most rewarding and intimate relationship, lets face it, MARRIAGE IS HARD!

The romantic passion couples have when they are dating often fades quickly when the realities of unmet expectations, extended family differences, children, finances, work and a variety of other things enter the relationship. Time and communication with one another gets harder and harder and falling out of love seems all too common.

For some, disillusionment happens as early as the wedding night, for others it starts over time. Regardless of where you are in your marriage and regardless of what circumstances you face, there is a lot of hope that your marriage not only survive but that your marriage thrive.

Sometimes marriages do end in divorce, and some circumstances warrant that. While a marriage therapist’s primary role is in helping couples repair their relationships, sometimes the need for someone who equipped at helping adjust through a difficult divorce and loss of unmet expectations, as well as helping couples find resources for their children during a difficult time is a necessity. Therapist at Restoration Counseling Center are prepared to help in these difficult times.