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Individual Counseling


Individual counseling is an excellent way to grow and mature in a variety of ways.  Sometimes we feel as if we are on our journey alone, and that simply isn’t the case.We are all unique and special. The therapist at Restoration Counseling Center hope that each person no matter what they have been through in life, comes to understand and appreciate their path is unique.Regardless of how painful or difficult that path, it can lead them to come out more courageous and free than they ever believed possible. As Scott Peck once said, “Life is difficult. Once we truly know that life is difficult, one we truly understand and accept it, then life is nolonger difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longermatters.”It is through our difficulties and survival of them that the Apostle Paul said we develop perseverance, and it is that perseverance that develops our character andour greatest strengths, our “character” according to James 1:2. It is our passion to help individuals discover hope and passion in their lives, through incorporating all of their life experiences into who they are, developing more authenticity, wholeness and freedom.
Here are a list of common issues one might address in individual counseling:
Trauma and Abuse, PTSD
Sexual Identity
Loss, Grief and Bereavement
Anxiety and Depression
Anger Management
Career Counseling
Mood Disorders
Life After Divorce
Life Transitions